Mission Statement

The Fishing And Conservation Trust (FACT) wishes to help re-vitalize the wonderful sport of fishing through 'Kids, Let's Go Fishing!" programs by providing for kids and parents alike the opportunity to fish in a fun, safe environment, where proper techniques are used in a conservation minded way to make the experience both enjoyable, educational, and rewarding. You can't show people the joys of fishing in a classroom, or on a field. Undoubtedly, the proper environment is necessary to create a lasting impression, and hopefully help instill a desire to "fish for life" in our participants.

An Environmental and Educational Adventure


Kids Lets Go Fishing - History

In addition to being the top party fishing operation in South Florida, for many years "The Reward Fishing Fleet" has been providing fishing trips for the FISHING AND CONSERVATION TRUST, serving many organizations sponsoring youth groups. The IGFA, Captain Bob Lewis Billfish Challenge, the Yamaha Contender Miami Billfish Tournament, Youth Fishing Foundation, Rotarians and The Miami Outboard Club have used our services to provide fishing trips for inner city youths that have never experienced fishing before. The 4H Club, The Boy's Club, YMCA, and the International Gamefish Association ( IGFA) have used our services for their extended summer programs.

Last year we took nearly 2000 such youngsters out fishing, many for their first fishing experience. By dedicating the entire boat to these groups they get our undivided attention with personalized instruction. We also have developed an organized, educational program for school and summer camp groups. The International Game fish Association (IGFA) and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) have contributed to the concepts. The Dade County School board has given us vendor status (# 0004161907) to offer our program as a field trip to the public schools. The Florida Foundation for Responsible Anglers (FFRA), in addition to funding for our program, has donated free rods, reels, and tackle kits to over 800 children in our program, and have promised many more.

Depending on sea conditions, we will be fishing either the near-shore reefs, or in the protected waters of Biscayne Bay, to insure that motion sickness will not be an issue. This hands-on experience will open an educational door not available in the past, and provide the basis for students to interact with nature in a way that they could never achieve in a classroom. Parents are welcome to join their kids in this quality time activity.

Our vessels are fully insured, licensed, U.S. Coast Guard inspected and certified to carry large groups of passengers and are crewed by courteous, educated, and kid friendly crewmembers and licensed Captains.


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